Tuesday, June 26, 2007


a breath of fresh air.

a forgotten smile.

a distant dream.

a glimmer of hope.

a refreshing change.

a replenished sense of self.

a new found confidence.

a new gratefulness.

a feeling of completion.

a lasting emotion.

a bright new beginning.

a reminder in the middle of the night.

a good morning. every morning.

a peaceful calm.


a comforting embrace.
honest. stark. gentle.
refreshing. new. blissful.


BornCritic said...

Your tan lines are not that visible re :(

Ajeya said...

looks like a beautiful hol!

akshay said...

you should advertise for srilankan holidays da.

Prateek said...

revat!!! you are looking really nice in this pic.