Tuesday, June 12, 2007

sun burnt

i visited sri lanka. i ate. i slept. i laughed. i cried. i stuffed face some more. i slept. i lazed. i drank. i watched. i was amazed. i loved. i missed. i was thrilled. i was happy pink. i was impressed. i was depressed. i shopped. i was disgusted. i was hurt. i missed. i sun bathed. i swam. i gazed. i am burnt. i am fat-ter. i am happy.

i am back. i am refreshed. i am happy.


Anonymous said...

Oye Kundi Noduu Oye

BornCritic said...

ushuuu screen shot of a hollywood movie and all. The protagonist walks off into the sand, to bask in her glory, after completing a death defying mission. But will be back when the evil has once again risen.

haathi said...

bc (chingaling): BWAHAHAHA

akshay said...

why has the author put up a pic of an elephant?