Thursday, March 29, 2007


theres joy in being in the zone.

theres joy in being in the space where the words flow. where every little nuance gives you satisfaction. and embellishments are purposeful.

theres joy in beating words down till they say exactly what you want them to. crisply and directly. with just the right amount of drama.

theres beauty in what comes out of words that have been laboured over. with attention to every little detail.

theres beauty in accomplishing what you have, to the best you possibly could. when you've given of yourself wholly.

theres pleasure in being in that luxurious space where everything else ceases to exist. and all you see are the words at hand.

theres pleasure in mindspace.


BornCritic said...

Cha mindspace in office, is a fuckin luxury no...

akshay said...

theres joy in being in the zone. when you hit every apex. the chassis shudders with torque. your tyres are at the limit of adhesion. time stands still as you rip space apart. your hands play the wheel like a delicate instrument. you see nothing but the tarmac. there's joy in being in the zone.

Manu said...

when i become damn rich and lazy, i want you to write my fake autobiography, chubiXcube