Monday, March 19, 2007


after so many years of holding on, and being in control and being responsible for now all out of all the energy i have. i feel sapped and totally drained. im all out of love, all out of understanding, all out of hope, all out of resilience and consideration, im all out of compassion, im all out of sympathy.

i want to be in YOUR place, just for once. i want to be the centre of your mind and your thoughts and your very being, just for a change.

and all at the same time, im angry. im hurt and angry that im hurt. im angry that you could make me feel this way, even as i believe im doing the best i possibly can.

im afraid to let go, because i know that if i will, you'll never take that first step by yourself. but maybe thats a little presumptuous of me.

maybe i will let go. maybe i should.
you told me once: if you love something, set it free.
and so i am now. fly.


Tin Man said...

full change in outlook aaaa!!! green green fairy queen...

Anonymous said...

wooohoo..!! shuttterfly,buttertie,fully changeings. hmmm.. nice nice.