Wednesday, March 21, 2007


just realise this is also post #150. whee.

i just had a 3 way msn conversation with niyu and priya. and it brought tons of memories back to mind. i just suddenly realised how much i miss the both of them. more so because niyu's not here too. and i couldnt believe i was saying the words "come back soon you both!"

of priya's first day at our home. we went to silver wok for dinner. just the girls.
insane sunaad rehearsals.
mad mad mad laughter almost every night.
movie watching nights.
our cook-a-thons. invariably niyu would take charge. priya would help and id grate some cheese or some such dumb thing.
dinner at queens. and the very "eventful" night that followed.
hanging out with kundi at his barsati.
crazy drives back from nights out, rehearsals, movies..mannnnn i miss those days.
watching sex and the city!!
all the yummm food priya would have sent down from back home.
going to aerobics together and bitching about the aunties.
boy talk and advice.
music lessons and riyaaz sessions.
bhaavyatra, raagkatha and b 2 b!!
going sari shopping and undie shopping!
decorating priyas new home!
helping niyu study biology, then english and then word processing!
all the letters we exchanged when you went away the first time.
how excited we were to have you back again.
theres just too many memories. my mind is flooded and overflowing.

and i cant help but feel that was such a happy time in my life. it was like having another sister, priya was more than family. she was one of us. just thinking about that time in my life makes me miss it. i miss how carefree and easy and simple everything used to be. and we got along just so easily.

i think a single lone tear just rolled down my cheek. i miss you guys. come back quick.


Anonymous said...

thoses days were just too happy da. loved having her around.
i will never forget wht tention i went though befor she moved in because the chocolates i was making for her were'nt ready and she come off.. ahaha...haha
loved it all though.
love you both.
missing is happening.

Tin Man said...

WOW!!! three pretty women.....

biriya said...

they were happy days - best times for me. i was talking about the dosa in your house yesterday to my mom (was craving), and she was saying how our tastes reflect our state of mind - that we associate a food with really happy times. (i DID like the dosa, but it helps that i was so happy:) basically, i miss you guys all the time!!

Tin Man said...

ok revati, niyu and priya. i have a very nice memory of one evening with you guys are zero g. i had a blast and i still think about it. when do we do that again??

akshay said...

no friends. no sister. no nothing.

lucky you.