Monday, August 03, 2009

random thoughts on a random uninteresting grey monday morning

- i work for satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment, and happiness, and self actualization.. but heck underneath it all, i work for the moolah. for the $$.
- HR is a fuckall function. its all about fooling people, making them for fall into well concealed traps that drag you into the world where all you do is slog, and get very little in return.
- the recession is becoming a far too over-used excuse for..well, everything.
- its monday morning and im extremely satisfied with the weekend that has passed. if only all of life was a series of weekends.
- in one month it will be ONE WHOLE BLOODY YEAR. and im just using "bad words" for the heck of it.
- im demotivated.
- im edgy.
- im listening to damien rice. never thought id like the sound of it (?).
- i need to travel. its been far too long.
- what is family?
- it's overrated.
- i hope the next 5 days pass by at the speed of light. and the same goes for the next 4 weeks.
- hallelujah.

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