Thursday, August 27, 2009

money matters

its thursday. for the first time EVER, iv come  into work and there are no emails waiting to be seen and replied to, no potential-firefighting situations waiting to leap out of my inbox, no stress of wondering what the day will hold..

its a weird time in our lives. the recession has finally reared its shady head in ways that will impact my life. while i work tirelessly day after day, stories of realignment and shuffling give us all the creeps. of course everybody chooses to brush these thoughts aside to some dark forgettable corner of their minds, and continue to work like what they're doing is really critical, and could change the future of this organization.

around me..the husband is increasingly frustrated with the dire lack of things to do at work. a sign of the economic downturn? i think so. hence, entire days get spent watching friends, 24 and other tv shows, on youtube. when you have time to sit and buffer every episode in 3-4 parts..why not, i say? some days get spent learning new illustrator/photoshop tricks. one day you decide to try your hand at learning dreamweaver. i think its a blessing in disguise. a sign from the universe to take small steps towards the real destination in life :)

also, a friend tells me about how his company is downsizing, teams are being cut down by half, and whats worse -- as a manager he is going to have to tell the chosen few in his team to get packing.

ru's business has taken a downturn. suddenly nobody wants to build homes anymore it seems. signs of the economic downturn? i think so.
i know half a dozen people who are unhappy in their stupid mundane jobs, and wish they could call it quits and move on to better things. but they cant. they just dont ever get down to it. for the fear of not having a steady income. a paycheck at the end of every month seems to have so much attached to it. a sense of satisfaction, security and safety.
all around me i see it. and i can feel it everytime im at the atm.
it's just money, they say. then why does it have such a hold on the world?


Praerna said...

Despite everything that your "manager friend" has to say, I am unable to relate to all this... In some way, I guess that's a blessing.

But what sucks is that this conspiracy to cover up the REAL impact is finally falling apart... Or maybe it's better to return to the real world. I really don't know... :(

... said...

heheh..u forgot "playing games online on"

akshay said...

bah, trust me the happygolucky non-deskjob life aint all it's cut out to be.

unless you have a big yellow vandi. :D