Tuesday, July 08, 2008

me vs. me

its funny how sometimes things happen that make me feel like im so goddamn different from everyone i know, even the people im closest to. when that one thing that makes me who i am, stands out in my face, so distinctly differentiating me from everyone around me.

especially when im at a time in my life, moving from one stage into the next, one set-up into another, one family to another, one life to another, one mind set to another..things suddenly become alarmingly stark and visible. iv seen myself gets defensive and easily challanged. my thoughts, beliefs, style, ideals, attitudes are suddenly things that i hold on to dearly. almost fiercely. because its what makes me, me. and when it seems like theyre being questioned, or mildly threatened, everything suddenly becomes so overtly real and in-your-face. things i have taken for granted, overlooked and barely noticed about myself, im not suddenly paying attention to, realising and feeling a close connection to.

its an iteresting time in my life. a trying time. of holding my own, versus letting it all go to be something im really not.


ambi said...

please dont change your surname! :)

haathi said...

:) i want to

Ajeya said...

can't be easy.