Monday, February 08, 2010

who, me?

the husband told me yesterday that iv become quite the wimp..quite the opposite of the person i used to be. rather harsh term, but i realize there is some truth in it.

its really got me thinking.

when did i start caring what people think?
when did clothes and hair and skin start taking so much importance in my life?
when did i choose to dress according to who im going out with, rather than
what im comfortable in?
when did i start altering myself, even if so slightly, for fear of what someone else will think?
when did i begin to taint my own thoughts and beliefs under the influence of what someone else once told me?

the real me is still there, however. covered in the dust of what im told, what i hear and what i so easily let myself believe, i need a good shake. so the dusty outside is shaken off, and the good old me can shine through.


akshay said...

thoo. that sucks. you need a good 'shale' alright. the husband is wise.


G said...

hmmm, have i ever known the 'old' you? how long have you been all dusty? :)

haathi said...

:D i think im good ol me a lot more than the dusty me da G -- so yes you know the REAL ME!

i think vc was referring to me as a wimp in direct relation to a particular event one sunday morning :D