Wednesday, February 10, 2010

dil to baccha hai ji..

..on repeat. all day.


G said...


BP said...

did you watch the movie?

haathi said...

g: haathi liiike the song

bp: unfortunately, no re. iv been too busy. hopefully by the time im a little free, it will still be running in our stupid city.

akshay said...

Hey don't diss my city just cos you're moving to a beach! Probably still the best city to live in, and it seems to be getting better. :D

haathi said...

its a useless place to live. and its only getting worse. and iv felt this for a long time before i even dreamt of going to goa..bangalore is beyond recovery.

akshay said...

getting better.look at the roads, that should tell you something.

and it's still a far sight ahead of all those other crotches of cities that i've had the misfortune of visiting over the last 2 months.

haathi said...

the roads suck da. I dont know what part youre referring to, but i think theyre mostly dilapidated and ignored.

that apart, theres so many things i can think of that make it an absolutely fuckall place to be.

Im sure there are some better and some worse cities in india, but that doesnt make a fuckall bangalore any better for me.

akshay said...

the parts that i frequent man. like from my house till pretty much yeshwanthpur, devanahalli, whitefield, hosur. which is all of blr. every road is freshly tarred.

i spent 3 days driving in bombay, and now i understand why everyone in bollywood buy an suv. they have the worst roads in india. closely followed by pune.

the only thing i have against the place is the stupid deadline. and expensive movie tickets.

haathi said...

thats most certainly not all of bangalore. I drive a good 16 kms to work and back, thru some of the most dilapidated roads bangalore has. And theyre coincidentally some of the main arterial roads in the city.

What about the uneducated pro kannada people waiting for the smallest reason to riot?

What about the autos and the monopoly and thuggery the drivers rin?

What about the culture and the serious lack of things to do, entertain oneself, feel like ur in a city that has character?

What about the collosal amount of time it takes to get just about anywhere in bangalore? It takes me nothing less than 25 mins to get from kumara park to malleswaram. That to me, is RIDICULOUS.

What about the lawlessness on the streets? And the helplessness and incapacitated cops?

What about the goons who catch people for drunken driving when their breath smells of cheap rum?

What about the 'instant underpasses' that are as narrow as the driveways into a mall?

What about the never ending elevated highway and metro projects, that will probably see the light of day only when the traffic situation has proportionately grown, which will cause them to no longer serve the purpose they were built for?

What about the stupid 1130 curfew? The ban on dancing?

What about the loadshedding on the hour?

Im not saying any other city is better or worse. I think bangalore has degenerated in more ways than one -- in terms of infrastrustural, cultural, social and economical aspects alike.

And anyhoo, im entitled to my opinion. Because i think iv visited some nicer cities. Cities that are memorable. Not vities that make you wonder if you've seen anything worse..

G said...

whoaaa.. :) well said, haathi!