Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a quarter century and counting

waking up is tougher
metabolism is not as quick as it used to be
you dont wake up feeling like you could eat a horse
its harder to stay on the treadmill the whole 30 mins
the fat seems to melt away sloowwwwwwly
the mid riff gets bigger so much more easily
the beer that is guzzled, takes longer to disappear
the more fat you get, the longer it takes for it to reverse

peoples words are taken more seriously
feelings are hurt more easily
personal space is craved more eagerly
tempers are flaring, always ready to flip out
opinions get stronger

money begins to matter more
a direction and an aim in life gets clearer (i think)
what you want becomes very dear to you
where you should be seems elusive -- so close yet so far
suddenly time seems to be just slipping you by and you hit panic about how much of life is already over and done with

yup. there's no more fighting it. im well past the quarter century mark.

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