Tuesday, November 27, 2007

can it get worse?

im not alone in my work-misery-state-of-mind.
thank god for entertainment of this sort.
stories from a parallel unhappy world.

msn conversation between daddy (name changed to preserve anonymity) and i:

daddy says (10:01 PM):
if a camera were to run through the office....
daddy says (10:01 PM):
1. design department...all playing flight simulator
hAAthi says (10:02 PM):
daddy says (10:02 PM):
2 production department...sitting with vacant gazes
daddy says (10:02 PM):
3. cs deparment ... one system on orkut, two on gtalk, one doing cv, and one playing games
daddy says (10:02 PM):
4. accounts dept..playing solitaire
daddy says (10:02 PM):
5. boss's cabin: PASSED OUT
daddy says (10:02 PM):
she was actually passed out
daddy says (10:02 PM):
she had her her back and mouth open aaaaaaaa like that eyes closed

i guess a drunk boss CAN be worse than a lack of work, motivation, guidance etc etc etc..


akshay said...

yeah it can.

Arjun Kartha said...

Oho, daddy? I like, I like! Daddy cool! Who's your daddy now?

Been a naughty gurlie, have we?

manu said...

bosses can do whatever they want, they're grown-up.