Thursday, October 25, 2007

its really weird..

just a thought: i just realised, that for sometime now, a normal week in my life is about getting through 5 days fast, to reach friday, and then the weekend. thats pathetic. i dont know i went from living one day at a time to wanting to hit fast forward and get to friday asap.

and another: i dont know what i hold so sacred about weekends. because weekends are not particularly extraordinary. i get to sleep some more. i get to go out. i get to eat at home. i get to "relax". and the weird thing is, there's nothing particularly stressful or tiresome about the working week. except the commute. hmm..

and another: even though im pretty chilled out and relaxed and not over worked, im DYING to go on another holiday. its barely been one month since my last one.

what am i running away from??