Tuesday, October 09, 2007

im back

two days just wasnt enough.
bring out your time machine once again please?
i want to go back.


Arjun Kartha said...

In true Arnold style, 'I'll be back!'

Sigh! That was one killer weekend! Coming back to a mundane Monday morning after that was the absolute pits. I am so ready for that lets-run-away-to-africa-and-shoot-Haathis plan now!

Silly, silly, silly world.

Bubba Free Rain said...

Great pics shlabster. Sweet looking guy you have there and you look great as usual. Don't forget to kick Allen Smithee in his dickless crotch for me. What a sad, sad, SAAAAAD sack.

haathi said...

ak: :( me want more

bubba: allen smithee who??!

nakedswaMi said...

heheheh... fulll footooos your taking with your new camera no? hehe.. killer!

Asavari said...

Dilli metro mein aapka Swagat hai

amba!!! said...

shooting in the metro is illegal.. i had to give up a beautiful roll coz of that!!!