Saturday, May 26, 2007

round in circles

fighting a losing battle all alone.

going round in circles.

no solutions.

nothing makes sense anymore.

everythings torn.

what used to be, isnt anymore.

what lies ahead is blurry.

the pain doesnt go away.

something makes me go back again and again.

and the hurt hurts and haunts me over and over again.

its like i should've learnt my lesson already but i havent.

"and i dont want the world to see me,
cos i dont think that they'd understand.
when everything's meant to be broken,
i just want you to know who i am."


Anonymous said...

Let it go sweetie....This too will pass

haathi said...

anon: who are you?

Asavari said...

*positive energy*

NiSh said...

those 4 lines of that songs my motto as well
dont give up hope-
"there is a light at the end of the tunnel.. lets just hope it's not a train" :P

Anonymous said...

I had a little birdy friend
By morning she was gone
Birdy good-bye
Birdy bye-bye

Anonymous said...

you have to let it go sweety!!!! the night is darkest before sunrise!!

haathi said...

ok.. is that some sort of clue? or do u just really no want me to know who you are??

akshay said...

sistah blisss has the same song on her blog