Sunday, May 27, 2007

post 180 :D

scattered pieces. broken lines.

its been a strange day.
i woke up at ten. i was out of the house in less than 40 minutes.
i washed my hair at the parlour. it was sweet. and smelt awesome.
dummy wore a kurta again.
we took pictures.
i lunched at vanita auntys.
its been ages since i hung out with family. even my own.
there were babies.
i havent met shreesh and wife and kids in something like 4 years.
families are happy.
i was stuffed.
tons of yumm lunch. bisi bele bath (yes, bath :D), mentya tambli, sandige, raita, saaru, payasa and chocolate. like i said, stuffed.
met with james in the evening.
koshy's. super strong coffee. passive smoking. bombay toast. with lime. sweet.
hits the happy spot. spot on.
lots of laughter. mad laughter.
james should be an actor.
psychadelic wall papers. bluetooth transfers.
niyu took pictures for her portfolio.
more laughter.
weird mood swing. confused.
the rain came down. so bad.
we couldnt walk to cotton world. so we laughed some more. and took the car.
dumbasses rule bangalore's roads. took us close to 15 (maybe more) minutes to get from st marks to barton centre.
cotton world is closed on sunday.
what goes around comes around. sub woofer. orgasmic sound.
james i love your car :)
more photo sessions at home.
feet, toes, half faces. light and shadow. sepia and vivid tones.
mangoes and hot chocolate for dinner.
TV so sucks on a sunday evening.
strange bliss from numbness.
should i meditate? i need to slow down.

sometimes when you ignore the present, it goes away. temporarily.
only temporarily.


Vivek said...

sometimes when you ignore the present, it goes away. temporarily.
only temporarily.


haathi said...

whats that supposed to mean

nanga swami. said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHAH i almost peed today da!! rain and james is the best! yes yes thanks for being my modle!:)