Wednesday, April 11, 2007


its 4 17 am. i just got home. iv had a killer long tiring and largely wasted day. im bugged. did i mention im tired? i also have a killer tummy ache. probably all tht food i stuffed while i sat like a lump in a chair all day.

but i came home to a gigantic bunch of 2 dozen yellow roses. yes thats TWENTY FOUR yellow happy sunshney brrright yellow roses.

and i smiled from ear to ear. and then some.

dumms, you're the best. thanks dummmmms!


amba!!! said...

no ya.. the blogs always been vague shades of green.....
but once it was PINK!!!!!!(teheehe)

BornCritic said...

HAhahahaha.....sunshine at 4.30 in the morning!!!

BornCritic said...

U there? Get on yahooooooo