Monday, May 09, 2011

Im seriously allergic to..

Hypocrites. There's nothing worse than having to endure people with double standards, baseless generalisations and pretentious behaviour. Unfortunately, I meet more of them than Id like to on an everyday business.

Sometimes, I get fooled and caught in the trap too. Going out of my way to be nice, when really nobody cares. I found myself giving the husband a big lecture on being kind regardless of how people behave towards you, because if we were to stoop as low, how are we any different? But today, I find myself so pissed off for being nice. Because sometimes being nice bites you back.

What is it with insensitive people these days? How come its the "adults" that are sometimes the most childish?

Here's to keeping a safe and sensible distance and sieving the negativity out of my immediate atmosphere.



prateek james said...


Sindhu S Kumar said...

Looks like we're sailing in the same boat!.. I can't begin to tell you the kind of things going on here..

hAAthi said...

wow really?!