Tuesday, December 22, 2009

stealing this off romi's blog

"by the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends"

and thats exactly how i feel today. the ends were so close to meeting. and someone moved them away. and i dont have the patience or the energy or the commitment to start over.

or maybe i do. and i just dont think this place deserves it anymore?

anyhoo, i think its time to move on. this cheese and this place has gotten way to smelly for me to handle.

time to move on to better, perfumed, sunshiney pastures.

moving on has always been easy for me. the physical act of separating oneself from something and packing up and leaving, that is. im always so quick to take a decision, and do what i think is right. the "moving on" that happens after that is the tough part.

right now im all guns blazing. decisions almost fully made. dialogues just waiting to be spewed. but what will happen next?

this time im less worried, though. i KNOW i deserve better. and i KNOW better things lie ahead. maybe it was worth giving what i did, for a whole year and expecting or getting very little in return. but its time to get a little selfish and think about myself, all my dreams, all that is waiting to happen, all that iv been putting on hold for so long now. its time to un-pause that and go get it.

and in order to do that, move on i must.
adios. im out of here gss.


akshay said...

you'll end up like my dad.

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