Saturday, December 06, 2008


a human beings worst enemy is fear. theres nothing more debilitating and hindering to ones individuality and ones expression, than fear. its the bane of all existence.

fear wrecks everything. fear controls ones goodness, curbs positivity and ruins any possibility of anything good coming out of ones actions.

thats because fear has this unique quality..of consuming and completely enveloping everything you could have otherwise thought of or done to get yourself through a situation. fear clouds your rationality. it weighs you down, affects your mind body and soul. and makes you believe things that are not otherwise true. it has this way of worming itself into your psyche, and engulfing every bit of your thinking, human brain.

fear is the wrong path to take. it changes things. turning them over completely. wrecking the future that awaits each of us. fear makes us think when we shouldnt. it makes us calculate when we shouldnt. it makes us regret when we shouldnt. it makes us feel unhappy and weak when we arent.

but the thing that makes fear most deadly, is when its tied up with respect. when we confuse our respect and love for something or someone, as a reason to fear what might happen to them. fear and respect should never be made 2 sides of the same coin. because theyre not. infact theyre exactly the opposite.

when you earn someones respect, it sets you free. it liberates you. or at least its supposed to. but when you confuse that respect and tie it up with fear, you get weighed down, bound, tied all the things that hold you down. and stop you from being that person you really are. that self inside of you, that burning to be set free. thats craving liberation. that must be allowed to bloom, fly, take off, soar.

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