Wednesday, October 22, 2008


life, is best lived when one is on a high of one kind or the other.
i believe when one enjoys something, it is all about being on a high. high on conversation. high on a shopping spree. high on food . high on sugar. high on love. high on energy. high on success. high on victory. high on satisfaction. high on laughter. high on chocolate. high on good weather. sometimes, high on alcohol. high on peace. high on music. high on silence. and like i experienced today, just like many other days, high on endorphins.

i think life is a series of episodes spent in the pursuit of this kind of bliss. and we seek it in different forms, through so many different routes. if only someone could invent a way to sustain it. without the lows in between. where one pursuit ends and another begins.


PJ said...

hai hai what an entry yaar!! hai hai

Ajeya said...

one big high might just kill the charm of it. dunno though. never experienced it :)

phoenikhs said...

It has already been invented, or rather discovered. It is called dementia.