Saturday, August 16, 2008

and so i ran away...

things learnt:
sometimes one has to do what one has to do
even at the cost of breaking hearts
some journeys mean more than just going the distance
faith is universal, showing it is personal
the world is a beautiful place
punju food is yummy
letting go is easy, holding back the feeling is easier
missing someone special is relative

someday il go back to punjab. thanks daddy ak, ag pa, g -- for these frames in my mind, snippets from a trip to remember..


Arjun Kartha said...

eh, you actually CAME to delhi!! After all the talking, all the planning, and all the discussion.

This marks trip number 1 of GAZILLION, okay???

Praerna said...

I agree. This was trip 1 of 9564783564879. There's so much more butter chicken and bannoffee to be consumed!

nakedsawmi said...

killer pictures.
simply looks all fun and happy...

Ajeya said...

wow!! golden temple??? i'm dying to go there!!! great pics! :)

haathi said...

ak: 1 of tragazzmillionbillion maybe??

pa: butter chicken, banoffee, paneer, lassi, beer, your various homemade cocktails...the list is actually endless re :) and we also have that other list going on side by side.. mountains, beach, spiti, foreign trip..yadayada.. you get the drift ;)

nanga: it WAS fun and happy. 100%.

ajeya: YES golden temple! i was dying to go tere i grabbed the first opportunity i got. and WENT, much to everybody else's disappointment :)