Tuesday, April 08, 2008

professional rant

is this some sort of rut?
some cycle?
some sign from up above?
why is it that work cannot excite me and sustain me longer than 4 months?
can i really attribute it to immediate changes around here? the persistent lack of reason, encouragement, direction? a mentor perhaps?
or should i stop looking for it? and fend for myself?
when all about me seems like its falling apart, and nobody seems to care, should i sit and feel what im feeling in all its splendour, and hope for some catharxis?
or should i turn a blind eye and hope its nothing permanent?


Vivek said...

Its just bad luck that wherever u've been over the last year is not good enough to sustain ones motivation.

haathi said...

id really like some good luck re!
..i mean on the work/professional growth front.

akshay said...


do your own thing. corporate slavery is not for your. start your own agency. give me a job. i'll work hard.

Ajeya said...

I feel that sometimes. The lack of direction, reason etc. But I turn a blind eye to it. I don't know if it's right thing to do but that's my way of dealing with it.