Tuesday, December 04, 2007

naya zindagee

its time to pick up and move.
dust myself off.
clean the slate.
renew. restart. reboot.
slow, staggering baby steps.
lots of prayers.
a lot more will power.
a wide open mind.

blah blah..

basically, its a new beginning in an all new scene.
ive moved on and while it feels like its something im getting used to doing (chucking and moving) every single time is new. every single time is different. and every single time comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

ready, set, go.


Arjun Kartha said...

...and yet, somethings will always remain the same.

Gtalk for instance. :)

Thank god for small mercies! You go get 'em gurlie.

akshay said...

it's nayi zindagi, you know.

haathi said...

eh this is a song re. its not grammar.

Vivek said...

Meeting with clients re. Arent u kicked?

wevu said...

NOT kicked.
i hate meeting clients.

Vivek said...

Eh don develop negative perceptions abt clients and all ok..That CS dept is jus blinded with hatred for them. Thats no reason for you to hate meetings re. Besides you actually get to know exactly why he liked or disliked the idea.

Asavari said...

You left a comment.

Something that started like "Just out of curiosity"

I published it and then it disappeared!

What did it say? I dint read it completely.

now the curiosity is killing me. lol

akshay said...

if you're going to put up a blog every time you switch jobs, this is going to look a bit like a headhunter's diary.

pooja said...

only mental can correct u on the grammar and since when did u get so good in hindi!!